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    "Foundation" with Kevin Rose

    Any geek worth his salt (and most likely anybody under 30) has heard of Kevin Rose.  I first knew of him from many years ago on TechTV.  "The Screensavers" to be exact.  He can be seen weekly online on doing a fun show with Alex Albrecht called "Diggnation".  Not really safe for work, but hilarious none the less.

    Kevin is also doing a program called "Foundation".  It is a down to earth, one on one type interview show, where he talks to people making the internet, and the world of computing, what it is turning out to be.  Great stories, life lessons, and for me, inspirational.  Check it out when you have time.  It'll be worth your time.  It will give you food for thought, if nothing else.  It might even bring out the entrepreneur in you.


    Leo Laporte builds new TWiT Studio

    It took Leo 7 years to see his dream come true.  Yesterday he did his first netcast from The Brick TWiT House.  With a half million dollars of his own money, half a million dollars from a bank loan, and over $100,000 in donations he has created the world's best technology programming network.  Leo started as a DJ, then moved to television (covering tech), and now works for himself.  TWiT (This Week In Tech) was a phrase Leo coined long before their was Twitter, Stocktwits, or any other kind of twit (except for maybe my cousin).  Leo produces many different types of tech shows.  Check him out at  Click on the Live tab for live unedited tapings throughout the week, and nonstop reruns in between live tapings.  Join Leo's chat room for family friendly chat as's the biggest darn chat room this side of the Mississippi!


    Twitter fun with the TWiT Army

    I regularly follow Leo Laporte & Friends on  The content Leo puts out every week is nothing short of amazing.  He covers the technology scene and is adding more shows all the time.  Leo is currently planning a live morning wake up show based in New York.  Leo's TWiT cottage is in Petaluma, California where all of his current shows are based, so Leo is working behind the scenes to hire talent and crew for New York.

    I am so thankful for the TWiT network...basically because I don't have the funds to keep up with technology these days.  I am about 5 years behind the times.  I am building this website with a Compaq Celeron based system with 2Gb of ram.  It's just good enough to watch Leo's streaming programs.  I was using 2 17" CRT monitors until last week when a friend gave me a 22" Samsung Syncmaster digital monitor.  The same friend also gave me a Sony Vaio laptop last year which was the best thing in the world...I could watch Leo from the dining room table while doing laundry or cooking supper!  The saddest thing of all was being the high bidder on eBay today for a Nokia 6015i cell phone to replace my pay as you go 6015i that I had to holler into for people to here flew apart one too many times this past winter, bouncing off the driveway and the parking lot at work.  That set me back $17.48, which included shipping.  Anyway, thanks Leo for keeping me up with what's happening in the real world, as I slowly pay down a mountain of credit card debt.

    The point of this post is to show how the TWiT network reaches around the world.  After Conan O'Brien left The Tonight Show he got on Twitter and picked a person at random and asked his Twitter followers to follow her.  She soon had 1,000's of followers.  Her Twitter name is Lovelybutton.  Leo decided to do the same thing, and randomly picked LisaTickledPink from New Zealand.  Leo asked his "TWiT Army" to follow her on Twitter.  LisaTickledPink bypassed LovelyButton 2 days ago.  As of tonight, LisaTickledPink has 29,355 followers and LovelyButton has 28,431 followers.  If you are a Twitter user, join Leo and follow LisaTickledPink.  Leo did talk to Lisa and apologized for intruding on her Twitter life and he'll be sending her the new Apple Ipad when they become available April 3rd.  Leo is also going to pick one of her new followers to receive an Ipad, too.

    Boy, a new Ipad...hmmm...wonder what MacBreak Weekly would look like on one of those?      


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