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    More Tacos & Computers 

    Sunday was spent hanging out with my friend Michael.  He was installing a pair of SSD's (solid state drives) in his Dell Studio XPS.  He needed to Ghost his hard drive image to the new drives.  While Ghost was at work, we headed off for the infamous Sunday $.50 tacos.  With full bellies we went back to his house and finished working on his system.  He got it done and his Windows 7 Experience scores are almost maxed out!  He has a kick butt system!

    We went to Harbor Freight and Michael bought a tile saw to finish up his new kitchen floor.  He then loaded me up with more computer stuff (collected from his mother and grandmother).  Michael keeps them upgraded, and they give back the older stuff.  This time I brought home a lazer jet black & white printer, an ink jet printer, a flatbed scanner, and lots of various things!



    Michael's Mom came by his house before we got out to his garage to set up a new workbench.  I agreed to go back this coming weekend to help him clean out his garage and basement.  He's talking about getting a mini dumpster, so it should be interesting.  In the mean time, Michael is building a new home media server.  He has been wiring up his house as he continues to remodel it.  He now bought a 7 foot high rack to mount his servers, firewall, routers, etc.

    He decided to change what his media server will be and had an extra server case that he had bought.  He sent that home with me in exchange for my help next weekend.



    This case can hold 9 hard drives and will be all I can imagine needing.  This will be my next project.  I will put in a motherboard, low profile video card, and a dual e-SATA card (thanks for those, too, Michael).



    I will look through my boxes of parts and come up with a motherboard and some memory first and take it from there.  This will give me something to tinker with next week while I'm on vacation.

    Until then, it'll be another hectic week at work.  I'm going to take it easy before work.  Think I'll get a cup of green tea and contemplate life as a new 53 year old.  Seems like just yesterday I was a younger guy! 

    Reader Comments (2)

    Have a good vacation! Was it your birthday? Birthdays get lead off song choice on Friday night ya know.

    September 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGYSC

    Yep, it was my birthday. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be requesting a song for Friday night! I'll give it a little thought and then put in my request. Thanks G-man.

    September 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSovBo

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