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    Hurricane Irene - The Lesson

    Back up your computer!  What if you were the one guy that got hit hardest by the storm?  What if your computer got washed out to sea?  What if you were ordered to evacuate?  What if you just hunkered down and crossed your fingers?  You need an off site backup of your personal data.   Not just an external hard drive sitting next to your computer.  That won't do in an emergency.

    I live in what is called "Tornado Alley".  I live in Kansas.  I live in the very middle of the country and get every kind of weather there is 24/7.  Hurricanes are the exception...thank God.  Oh boy, we get one exception.  The day a hurricane hits Kansas will be the day that I know Kansans outlived the rest of the country.  But that would be the exception!  Anyway, when Mother Nature does something, YOU aren't going to stop it.  That means you need to be prepared.

    Being prepared in a digital world means having a reliable backup of your email, passwords, or other writings.  It has to be off site, as Hurricane Irene showed.  I hope nobody lost irreplaceable belongings in the storm.  I know of a few people that were concerned and affected by Hurricane Irene.  It turned out that the storm diminished as it went along.  Thank goodness.

    There are lots of free ways to back up your critical stuff.  The free options have their drawbacks.  They require your personal time and attention.  Those are 2 major problems.  At least for me...and I don't have much of a life.  If you are an International Playboy, I would pay for something that is automatic.  Me and Jethro Bodine do.

    Let's say you are not me or Jethro Bodine.  All is not lost.  Start using some online storage for free.  Keep in mind that governments of the world want access to all of your digital information.  To keep your privacy, you need to keep in mind which online services offer storage that they, themselves, can not read.  The good thing is that nobody can see or steal your info.  The bad thing is that the Feds will be knocking at YOUR door if they want least you'll know what they are up to.

    I have used many different free online storage options.  But not lately.  I use an automatic backup.  No mater how you do it, just get started.

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