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    Merry Christmas Everybody

    I am an avid fan of  TWiT is rerunning and making greatest moments of 2011 shows.  I am laughing myself sick watching the greatest moments of The Weekly Daily GizWiz.

    Go to this holiday week as Leo and gang take a week off.  It's a great way to see if you like what TWiT has to offer.  I love it.

    Happy Holidays to all.


    The Ihnatko Almanac

    Andy Ihnatko has a new weekly podcast called The Ihnatko Alamanac.  Andy is a writer, speaker, and a tech guy.  He is also very funny and entertaining.  He has 3 episodes in the can, so check them out before you get too far behind.

    Andy is a writer for the Chicago Sun Times and Macworld.  He speaks at colleges and technology events.  He has been covering Apple computers for years.  He is a regular on the MacBreak Weekly video podcast.

    I don't own an Apple computer, iPad, iPhone, or even an iPod.  Andy gives honest opinions on all of these and more.

    Andy has a sense of humor that keeps me coming back every week to see what he's up to.  Whether you are a Mac user, or not, there is value in Andy's take on things.

    For more background on Andy and how he ended up where he is today, listen to The Pipeline #13.  Andy was the featured guest from April, 2010.  Or check out his website Andy Ihnatko's Celestial Waste of Bandwidth.



    That should keep you busy for a Sunday morning and a pot of coffee!



    Diggnation is going away

    One of my favorite online shows is dissolving.  At the end of the year, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht are going to pursue new ventures.  I will miss their show.

    It was always fun to watch, and even gave me food for thought many, many, times.  I personally never used Digg, but I loved seeing what people around the world were interested in.

    So long Diggnation.  Good luck Alex and Kevin.  Yea, and Prager and Hippie Glenn, too.  Love you all.



    Triangulation 21: Kevin Mitnick

    I have watched all but a few of the Triangulation netcasts.  Here is my favorite so far.  This is a very enjoyable show if you are a geek or hacker.  Hope you like it.



    Internet Explorer 9 is not showing videos.  I reported this to Squarespace (my web host).  They tested everything and it is a bug with IE9.  Just yesterday, I heard Leo, the Chief TWiT, commenting on the air that people were having problems watching using IE9.  Hopefully, it will be straightened out soon.  In the meantime, using a different browser works fine.  Or just head on over to and see all the great shows they have.

    Boy, it's great to be on the cutting edge of technology.


    My TWiT.TV Brick Certificate

    When Leo Laporte built his new TWiT studios in Petaluma, California, he raised some of the money from donations.  He took donations PBS style.  You would get something in return for your donation.  In my case I made a donation to have a permanent brick put in the studio with my name on it.  I got this certificate in the mail showing me I have brick #804.  If you are interested in donating go to TWiT.TV.  It's the Last Call for Bricks link.  Only one week left.  Donations for bricks ends September 30th, 2011.