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    Mr Sullivan, You're On!

    Announcer:  Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Ed Sullivan! 

    Mr Sullivan:  Thank you everybody.  We have a really big shoe for you tonight.  To start things off, from Beaumont, Texas, it's little Marky Chestnutt!



    Mr Sullivan:  Thank you Marky.  Let's give him a big hand everybody.  I hear your birthday coincides with one of your heroes.  Who would that be?

    Mark Chestnutt:  Well, Ed.  I was lucky enough to be born on September 6th, the same day as my hero, The Sovereign Bohemian.  SovBo is a great guy, and sets such a good example for all the little buckaroos and buckarettes.

    Dad!  Wake up!  You're going to be late for work!  What kind of example would you be setting if you show up late for work again?  GET UP!

    OK.  OK.  I'm getting up!  Whew, what a dream.  I've got to stop eating BBQ pork rinds before I go to bed...


    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band was Hi Tech in 1992

    I have followed a lot of blogs in the past 10 years.  I have learned 3 things.  First, you need content.  Second, you need credibility.  Third, you need a good title for your post or nobody will care.

    The title for this post is an example of changing it 5 times, and finally giving up out of frustration.  I hate it when that happens.  Usually it's not that hard.

    Anyway, here is a short video I found in my archive.  (I spent about 4 months...last winter...saving all my important VHS tapes to H.264 video on 5 hard drives.)

    This is the ultimate in content vs the other two.  Enjoy!




    Sunday Morning Music

    Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown on Austin City Limits in 1996.  Gatemouth blends Big Band, Country, Rock, Cajun, and Blues.  Here's one I was listening to this morning while church was in session next door at the Lakeside Baptist Church.



    Keepin' it mellow till after Noon!  I'm such a good neighbor.  Just call me State Farm.  Enjoy!


 's past Noon.  Here's Gatemouth performing a, fittingly, religious song called "Up Jumped The Devil"!



    TGIF Texas Style

    One of my all time favorites from Texas legend Gary P. Nunn.  Even though this is a rocker from 1995, Gary is still going strong in 2011, check out what he's doing now a days at Gary P. Nunn dot com.




    Goin' to Kansas City...Farm Aid 2011


    What a great day!  Me and my son, Jacob, attended the 26th annual Farm Aid concert in Kansas City, Kansas on August 13th.  All of you parents out there understand that time can slip by as your kids grow up.  I'll be turning 53 in a few weeks.  My son is 26years old.  When I look back over the years, sometimes I've felt a lot of regret over missed opportunities that I could have had with him.  He is a great guy and fun to be around.  I'm glad we went to Farm Aid together.




    Jacob was my chauffeur so I could do some "grown up" stuff like drinking.  (Don't tell him, but he was way more the grown up than I was Saturday.)  I took some pictures on the way there, and at the beginning of the afternoon.  Then I put my camera back in my pocket and enjoyed myself.  Really enjoyed myself and relaxed.  Work has been pretty grueling for about 2 months and even my days off weren't enough to rejuvenate my internal batteries.  Farm Aid did that for me.

    We made some new acquaintances like Chuck And Patty...



    And watched people slowly start to filter in to the Livestrong Sports Complex.  It is a brand new facility and Farm Aid was the first concert to perform here.  It was built as a new soccer stadium.



    The weather cooperated, too.  For weeks we have been having temperatures around, or over, 100 degrees with lots of humidity.  Saturday was partly cloudy and only in the upper 80's.  Thank you God! ( a la Animal House)



    But it didn't keep me from sun burning my face and arms, and totally cooking the back of my neck.  I am officially a REDNECK now!




    It even hurts to put on a soft T-shirt.  I took sun screen SPF 45, but after a six pack of Shiner Bock in the parking lot of the stadium, I figured I had been outside enough this year, mowing the yard and gardening, that I didn't need sun screen!  Boy, was I wrong.  My arms and neck are still radiating heat 24 hours after the concert.  I've had worse sun burns, but this one just penetrated enough to reach the ultimate pain level.  I doubt if any skin will's more like one of those hot dogs in a 7-11.  They can just keep spinning and being hot forever, but not loose their skin.

    It was nice to see generations of fans along with generations of performers.  From 85 year old Ray Price...



    to Willie's 22 year old son, Lucas Nelson, and Promise Of The Real band.



    The entertainment embodied an inclusive, not exclusive, blend of ideas and styles.  It was a real celebration of America's family farmers.  Over a dozen acts performed.  It ranged from Rock to Country, and even a Gospel quartet started things off.  Google "Farm Aid 2011" if you want to know who all the acts were. 

    I drank many $8.75 bottles of Bud during the concert.  Lost count.  Didn't care.  Had fun.  Listened to lots of awesome live music.  Worked my annual vacation into one day.  I still have 2 weeks of vacation to use before the end of the year, but I'm sure nothing as fun as this will be happening at Casa SovBo.

    I can finally say I've been to a Farm Aid concert.  Hungover, sun burned, and $100's of dollars poorer, I will forever be thankful to have gotten to go.  I let loose and I needed it. 

    Me and Jacob celebrated by going to Topeka for Sunday brunch...I didn't feel like doing any cooking Sunday.  We went to a fast food Mexican joint called Taco Tico for their 50 cent Sunday taco deal.  We got a tray full, and unlimited refills of our Cokes, for a whopping $9.42...back to the frugal ways until Farm Aid comes back to town.



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