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    Conflict Is Conflict

    I visted The Reformed Broker's website this morning.  I didn't get to it yesterday.  He sparks a highly intelligent debate surrounding the Wall Street protesters.  I had to put my 2 cents worth in.  I haven't been back to check if I'm under attack for something.

    I am trying to make $34 dollars last 2 weeks for gas and groceries.  This is the biggest challenge I've ever had.  On the face of it, I will lose.  But, I beleive in miracles.  My sister Judy taught me to believe in them.

    Judy has bailed me out many times in life.  Judy may be the one that tries to help me now.  I will not accept her help now.  She is having a harder time than me.  Her grocery store has now been broken into 3 times.  It's her attempt to keep her small town alive.  I hope she wins.

    I went through an ugly divorce.  It wasn't about money.  We didn't have any.  It was about pride.  I faired OK.  I didn't have to say that I was a lying, cheating, theiving, bastard, although my ex wife would have liked that.

    I ended up raising our son from the time he was 3 years old.  He still lives with me.  I hope things improve soon for the both of us.

    I had to go get some bread.  On the way back from the grocery store, I began listening to "All My Ex's Live In Texas" by George Strait...thanks KTPK in Topeka.

    Here is a live version.



    (For the record)  My ex lives in North Carolina.  :)



    Junior Brown

    and his lovely wife on rythum guitar.



    And don't mess around...mmm K.



    Jimmy Buffett


    Peace to you all.


    Time Marches On

    I have an internet friend that received some bad news yesterday.  I'm not sure what it was and it doesn't matter.  I could tell he was not his usual happy self.  That made me sad.

    He normally posts things to his blog that helps other people and he has a Friday night tradition of posting music videos that people request.  I'm not sure that he'll be doing that tonight so I thought I'd post one for him.  I hope it helps a little.

    I pulled this one up from my archives.  Tracy Lawrence with Time Marches On.

    "The only thing that stays the same is everything changes, every thing changes"



    Have the best weekend you can, my friend.  You are very much appreciated.



    Riders In The Sky