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    Beaver & Butter

    At least they have a job...



    Butt Nuggets...$2.69



    Agent 00 Log

    Log, the greatest toy in the world, next to a cardboard box!




    Welcome to My Website...sort of

    You ever have an idea in your head, but then when the idea actually comes to fruition it's never quite what you had imagined.  I had imagined recording a 15 second video saying "Welcome to My Website".

    Instead, I got this.  Complete with jets flying over, a painting crew next door at the church, my old computer humming and vibrating, and trying to cook some pinto beans with bacon at the same time.  And all I wanted to say was "Welcome to My Website".



    It would appear that saying "Welcome to My Website" is beyond my abilities.  I'll have to see what a professional gets for 15 seconds of work.  I hear you now, "Downtown Josh Brown could do it.  He's been on television!"  Well if you like Josh Brown so much, why don't you go to his website.

    I think those beans are done.  I need something to eat.  Nothing works up an appetite like laughing at yourself and, of course, sex.  Guess I'll have to settle for just laughing at myself.

    * Love your website, Josh!  Everybody, go there now.  I command you...



    K E double L best To You...


    Like Doughnuts? But Wait!

    Here are two :30's & one :15 second Hardee's commercials from 2009.  Hardee's is taking on doughnut holes!  The spots aired one day on our station before somebody pulled them off the air.  Which do you prefer???

    Sorry about the French crosstalk...