Happy Father's Day
Sunday, June 21, 2015 at 8:51AM
Steve Linderman

This is my first post in years.  I tried to call my older brother, Randy, to say Happy Father's Day.

I didn't get him on the phone, so I thought who else could I call ( I'd been up since 5:40am and it was 8:45am).  Things then got weird.  I went down the list of my best friends.  No Dads, no Fathers, only guys that help me from going crazy because I am a father.

I was going to call Dave;  nope.  I was going to call Dan;  nope.  Tim;  nope, Lynn; nope, Gary;  nope.  Made me think twice about my life choices.  I have no regrets.

Happy Father's Day to some internet people I know are fathers:  Brian Brushwood, Joshua Brown, Evan Ewing, Randy Linderman, Travis Wilson, the happy rabbit in my back yard (well, not really).



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