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    Teaching Your Dog Sign Language

    This post has been nawing on me for weeks.  I am so attached to this topic that I am sure I won't give it justice.  So if you live in the jungle with a gaggle of dogs please don't flame me.  This is how I taught my dogs sign language.

    I have 2 dogs.  The first is a Siberian Husky.  The second is a Black Lab mix.  I never asked for either dog, they just needed a home.  They both came to live here, like when I was a kid and wanted to take care of any stray in the neighborhood.

    Kita is a Husky and is prone to ear infections.  He is about 7 years old.  Juliet is a Black Lab mix, and as close as I can tell, she is 15 years old.

    Kita howls at every train that comes by our little town.  Juliet is losing control of her hind legs.  She goes to the bathroom in the house if you aren't right there to let her out.

    It's like raising kids, which I've only raised one.  I used the English language with my son, and it certainly could have been better.

    You can't teach dogs anything with the English language if you are mean.  But you can communicate with sign language.  Practice the sign language.  Practice.  Practice.  Practice.

    I love playing darts.  I hated it when I was a kid, but once somebody showed me how to hit the Bull's Eye, it gets a lot more fun.  Seems to me that dogs are the same way.  If you expect them to learn sign language, they'll just give you a big Huh?  They probably don't even know what a Bull's Eye is.

    Spend some time, relax, and be consistent.  You'll be much happier, and so will your dogs.

    The main thing to teach your dog is "good" and "bad".  I use basic language for that.  Palm up or palm down.  Palm up is "good".  Palm down is "bad".  Depending upon your dog, the things you can sign are limitless.

    Juliet is hard of hearing, has catartics, and follows me from room to room.  She is use to me motioning to her for just about anything.  But it works.  I don't scream at her for making an "accident in the house" and I don't let her dictate how we all live here at Casa SovBo.

    Kita acts like Juliet's seeing eye dog.  He would be the Iditerod sled dog leader.  But, he always waits for Juliet on the back porch when it's time for them to go out.  He's awesome, sometimes...gotcha' Kita..  Kita is also the enforcer around the house.

    Kita keeps all varmits at bay.  I have pictures of some of his conquests, but it would be better for this post if I don't show them.  He is also half of my security system.  I sleep good at night knowing Kita is about 3 feet away while I'm sleeping.

    To teach your animals sign language, be mellow, connect with your mind, and reward good behavior.  (Whipping them won't teach them what you're after.)  My dogs will do most anything for me without me saying a word...and yours can too.

    *Disclaimer:  Kita was bred to run.  When he gets out of the yard (ie, loose) you can not catch him.  He is way too fast.

    Juliet is a caring dog.  She looks like she could hang on for years, even though she is not in good health.

    I love both dogs and even my son, too.  :)


    Nascar, RC Airplanes, and More

    Here's a link to my brother's page. Randy Linderman.  If you like RC planes, check it out.  Or if you like Nascar, send him a message.  He knows both.  Have a good weekend. 


    The Lone Ranger

    This made me laugh and made me cry.  The real Lone Ranger.  Well, the voice that started and ended every show when I was a kid in the early '60's.



    God bless Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.  Here is what Fred Foy sounded like in 1949.



    And if you like the Willian Tell Overature, here is the close from the first television episode "Enter The Lone Ranger" (brought to you by General Mills!)




    Trick Or Treat! Here's Your Zucchini!

    This post sat around for 3 days.  I've just got to post it for GYSC.

    Once a month a church in north Topeka gives away food.  They have been doing it for over a year.  There are no income guidelines.  All they ask is your name and how many are in your household.  I use to work with the paster and have volunteered to help out with the giveaway before. 

    Our pantry is very sparse these days, so I went down to the church Tuesday.  The giveaway started at 9:00 am.  I got there at 9:10 am.  The line of cars was already 5 blocks long.  It took an hour and half to make it through the line and get some groceries.

    You never know what you'll get, but when you need some food it doesn't much matter.  That is, it usually doesn't matter!  I got a variety of stuff.  They loaded a box in the Pathfire and a second unopened box marked "produce".

    The box contained bread, rolls, 5 lbs of potatoes, 5 lbs of carrots, a dozen large cucumbers, a dozen zucchini, some pudding cups, and various other things.  On the way home I popped open the box of produce.  The last time I volunteered at the church, I remember them giving away pallets of blueberries.  They give away everything until it's gone.  I remember some people, towards the end, getting cases of blueberries.  I was hoping there would be some sort of fruit in in case.

    Wrong!  It was a case of, drum roll please, that's right, zucchini!  There must be at least 3 dozen in the case.  I haven't counted them.  They are packed so nice, I hate to disturb them!

    Zucchini was not something I grew in the garden this year.  Usually I have more than I need so I give them away.  Now I've got about 50 of them!  The bottom of the frig is so full of produce!

    Only two things come to mind to rid myself of all the zucchini.  First, give them away to Trick or Treaters!  But, I don't want to be cleaning up smashed zucchini from the front of my house.  My other thought is to give them to a girl at work.  She has an African tortoise that eats a lot of produce...lettuce, cabbage, and maybe zucchini!

    All I know is that I am going to have a lot of molding produce in my frig, if I don't come up with something.  


    Sunday Morning With SovBo

    An update from last week's post about my finances.  After paying all my bills, I had $34 to get me by for 2 weeks.  Everything was going good until last night.  I went to the grocery store and spent $8.50 more than I had.  So in effect I made it one week, not two.  This doesn't surprise me.

    Luckily I have $28 in another checking account.  I will have to move some money from that account to cover the $8.50.  So be it.  I am paying down my debt.  I haven't been late with a payment for over 20 years.  My net worth increases monthly (by paying down debt).  Someday I'll have a positive net worth!  Nyuck!  Nyuck!  Nyuck!

    I'm on my second cup of tea.  I watched Wealthtrack with Consuelo Mack.  She talked to Rob Arnott about our country's GDP figures and the different ways it is, and should be, looked at.

    Then I checked out The Reformed Broker's website.  His post A Call To Action talks about why we have the Wall Street protesters and the majority of the country's disgust.  There is an audio player you can click on to hear the program he was on.  Definitely worth a listen.  I'm going to go back and listen to it again, myself.

    It's now 11:40am and am listening to Alex and Kevin on Diggnation.  Kevin and friends went salmon fishing and he is describing how they are going to cold smoke most of the fish.  They had 35 - 40 pounders.  Now they get into the main part of the show.

    Fall is on the way.  I mowed the yard last evening.  That's what you do on a Saturday night when you are pinching pennies!  Hopefully it will be the last time I need to mow this year.  It's been on the dry side lately and the grass is not growing fast at all.  It's just trying to stay alive.  Just the way I like it!

    Cup three of tea, then on to harder stuff later today.  I'll check the bell peppers and jalepenos that are still growing in the garden.  I know there are some that are ready to pick.  Maybe all of them.  The tomato plants are all but dead.  I saw a few spots of red, but the tomatoes haven't been good for weeks now.  It was not a good year for tomatoes.  Too hot and dry.

    I have 6 more minutes and morning will become afternoon so I'll have to stop, or change the name of this post and that would be way too much work.  What to say in 6 minutes?

    Well, not much, I guess.  I'll hopefully listen to Leo live on this afternoon.  He does a three hour show.  It's my Sunday routine, instead of reading the paper, or going to church.  Anyway, have a good day.  Appreciate what you have.  Learn something new today.

    Oops!  Time's up!