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    Last Day of Vacation

    My vacation flew by and it will be back to work tomorrow afternoon.  I have mixed feelings about the past week.

    On the positive side, I am finally unwound and de-stressed.  I was so tight I thought I could pop at any second.  I'll see how long it lasts when I go back to work.  I didn't travel anywhere or do anything unusual.  No big family memories were made.  Those kinds of things just aren't in my budget these days. 

    I feel fortunate to have a roof over my head, a full belly at the end of the day, and am warm and dry when it's time to go to bed.  I remember my late brother, Spencer, being quoted as saying that decades ago when he was being interviewed in Alaska for some book or magazine.  That has stuck with me all these years.  I think that's why he loved Alaska so much.  With those 3 things, life can be pretty darn good.  Volumes could be written about the adventures Spencer had, but I will save that for another time.

    Other stuff I'm glad I did this past week was to get the brakes fixed on the Pathfinder.  I fixed a computer for a girl at work.  I got ALL of the laundry done, even the bedding!  I made some great homemade chili with fresh garden tomatoes and taco seasoning instead of chili powder. 

    I also got to visit with my sister, Judy, for a while.  I hadn't seen her in months.  She owns a small town grocery store with one gas pump.  She works 6 days a week and takes Sundays off to go to church and get ready for another week.  I gave her a laptop to use, but forgot to tell her the login password, so I should be hearing from her any day now.  Oops...

    I spent yesterday looking at how I might incorporate some audio or video podcasts into this site.  There's a lot of ways of doing it, but for me, it'll have to be free or really cheap.  The trouble is that the free ways have such a learning curve.  You don't see any audio or video on here yet, do you?  I'm working on it.

    Why would I want to do such a thing?  Because I can.  Well, maybe I can.  We'll see.  I think it would be awesome, since I don't know how to type.  I use a modified hunt and peck style.  It was developed by an ingenious, unconventional, guy.  I think his name was SovBa, 'er Sovber, 'um Sov something.  I'll try and remember his name later!

    Anyway, the down side of my vacation is that come tomorrow, I'll be about $250 overdrawn at the bank.  That's when my house payment comes out.  The bank won't mind because they'll charge me $10 to loan me the money at 18% interest until I pay it back.  I'll get paid Friday and pay it back then.  I hate wasting money like that, but for my health and sanity it had to be done.  I'll just chalk it up to the cost of my vacation.

    I didn't get the garage cleaned out, either.  It is a real mess.  I would take a picture of it, but I'm too ashamed.  I still have until tomorrow afternoon so it might be the big finale of my time off.  But in the big picture, it really doesn't matter all that much.

    I'm going to grab another cup of green tea and monkey around with recording an audio welcome message for the site.  (I'd really like it to be video, but I'd have to go comb my hair or put on a hat.)


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      Last days of the vocations are always a great thing for all of us. The people are always want to make their life good in their vocations and want to make their life easy in these communities.

    Reader Comments (2)

    Glad your vacation was relaxing. Sorry about the bank issues!

    September 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGYSC

    I am so much more relaxed knowing you stopped by. Thanks GYSC. I appreciate it.

    September 19, 2011 | Registered CommenterSteve Linderman

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