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    Good Luck, Johnny!

    When I look back at my career in broadcasting, I can think of no other sports caster that was harder working and more fun to be around, than Johnny Kane.  Good luck on your new job as Sports Director at Kansas City's KMBC!

    My first paying television job was way back in the time machine.  Way back.  Way, way, back.  Farther than that.  Keep going.  Yea, now you're getting close.  That's right...1978.  In all these years, I can't think of anybody that made watching the sports highlights on the local news, more fun than Johnny.

    I am not by nature, a big sports fan.  I went out for track and played some basketball in Jr High and High School.  You were pretty much ridiculed in the small town I grew up in, if you did not play sports.  That was back in the days before No Child Left Behind.  Back when the only sports at school were football, basketball, and track.  There was also baseball in the summer which was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club.

    The fact that they pushed sports so much made me rebel in my own ways.  We had a house and 5 acres of land.  We had a few horses and always raised some pigs to butcher and once we raised and butchered a cow.  I spent my free time riding horses, not playing football.  I saved face at school by being the Freshman Class President, Junior Class President, and Senior Class Vice President.  (I spent my Sophomore year in Fairbanks, Alaska, canoeing, fishing, hunting, and trying not to think about school at all.)

    To this day, I can't hold a descent conversation with anybody about any professional sports.  But, I do enjoy watching The Olympics when they come around.

    Johnny Kane lives and breathes sports.  A lot of sports casters do.  But Johnny talked about the day's sports that made it fun for even people like me.  He didn't talk down to you.  He didn't just spew a bunch of stats that everyone should have already memorized.  He makes sports fun, like they should be.

    In television lingo, Topeka, Kansas is considered a middle sized market.  Most news, sports, and weather people consider it a stepping stone to moving to a bigger market.  A lot of them can be real jerks, too.  But Johnny Kane is one of the nicest, hardest working, guys in the world.  Not just when he's on television, but behind the scenes, too.  I have no doubt that I will see him someday on ESPN if that's what he wants to do.

    Johnny has been the Sports Director at KSNT for the past 5 years.  Now he's moving on to the big time, not as a sports reporter, but as the Sports Director at KMBC.  So as Johnny moves from Topeka, market 136, to Kansas City, market 31, all I can say is Good Luck, Johnny!



    It was a pleasure working with you my friend. 

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    Reader Comments (3)

    I don't think you could of said it better about Johnny. The station will never be the same without him. I love how he treated people. People could really learn a thing or two from him on respect. I'm happy that he was able to move on, but just wish it wasn't so soon. Would of loved to go the race with him this fall, but oh well. Johnny was and is the best sports reporter/director that this city has ever had.

    September 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChris Perez

    Very nice write up.

    September 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGYSC

    Thanks for the comments Chris and GYSC. This was one of the easiest posts I've written. No thinking required...really, I couldn't type fast enough to keep up with my feelings.

    Chris, you should check out GYSC's blog. I know you both like Nascar!

    September 19, 2011 | Registered CommenterSteve Linderman

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