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    Entries by Steve Linderman (21)


    Family Reunion 2012

    My niece, Rebecca Wilson-Olson-Robison-whatchacallit, made sure our family had a family reunion this year.  Rebecca has been a driving force in keeping our family together since Mom died.

    Thanks, Rebecca!  My hen pecking at typing is wearing thin.  I am proud to leave it at Thanks Rebecca!

    Uncle Steve, AKA The Sovereign Bohemian

    Love you, Rebecca

     PS...somebody got my mashed potatoes...was it you Trav?  lol


    Follow Up (Don't Follow Up)

    I'm not use to being spoiled.  I feel spoiled everyday because of the technology I'm learning at no cost.  Just listening to Security Now is like a Masters Degree.


    When I was in Junior High & High School,  I was always thinking of stuff in a different time.  Mostly, it was from 1879...


    I love the tech nowadays that keeps me connected.  


    Come Together, Right Now...

    Anybody that might have heard of me needs to click this link...


    What link?


    Shut up...Steve wouldn't put a link there if it wasn't there.


    I think something's fishy.  The only thing that makes sense is the Micheal Liska factor.


    Yea, man, Micheal Liska.  I hear he has connections.  You just snuffed yourself droughtboy.


    Investing 2012

    I mainly make my money from dividends.  I don't go through a day without reading a few websites.,, and

    are my favorite sites.  They all have an independant view on things.

     I wouldn't try to copy them, but it is easy to learn from them.





    Congrats Jude

    Hey Jude,

    I'm listening to Alan Parson talk about producing the Beatles last 2 albums.  You are my hero, Jude.  Congratulations!  I am glad I have you in my linage??? Lnage???  lol

    I think it's awesome that you got in the Chamber Of Commerce Hall Of Fame for Holton/Jackson County, Kansas.

    I love you Jude.