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    My favorite music

    Waylon,Willie, Johnny, and Kris


    Happy Father's Day

    This is my first post in years.  I tried to call my older brother, Randy, to say Happy Father's Day.

    I didn't get him on the phone, so I thought who else could I call ( I'd been up since 5:40am and it was 8:45am).  Things then got weird.  I went down the list of my best friends.  No Dads, no Fathers, only guys that help me from going crazy because I am a father.

    I was going to call Dave;  nope.  I was going to call Dan;  nope.  Tim;  nope, Lynn; nope, Gary;  nope.  Made me think twice about my life choices.  I have no regrets.

    Happy Father's Day to some internet people I know are fathers:  Brian Brushwood, Joshua Brown, Evan Ewing, Randy Linderman, Travis Wilson, the happy rabbit in my back yard (well, not really).




    The Josh Brown Chronicles...Part 3

    My site has finally been a newer, healthery, ....oh what the site isn't anything healthier than it was in 1976.  I don't know Josh Brown, never met him.  He is called The Reformed Broker.  (I am sure you can find him on the internet.) 

    Josh Brown took a vacation in 2013...oh, no!  Enjoy your time off, Josh.  Thank you sincerely, Josh.  I am wealthier now than when I met you online 4 years ago.  Or 3 years ago.  I am getting old, so I don't worry about it.



    Verizon saves my bacon

    I've had a Verizon Prepaid Wireless account for several years.  I got it to satisfy a former employer's requirement that I be on call 24/7.  Otherwise, I was happy being untethered and cell phoneless.  The good part was I was being paid $720 per year to cover my cell phone costs ($60 per month).

    Not ever having a cell phone before, I studied all the companies and all the plans.  I decided to go with a prepaid phone to start with.  I was mainly concerned with coverage here in northeast Kansas.  At the time, Alltel fit the bill.  I could get a year of service for $100 which included more minutes than I would ever need for work.   I paid 15 cents per minute.  My service renewed on Valentine's Day.

    My prepaid account grew more each year.  Did I mention untethered?  Hold on, I thought you were going to talk about Verizon.  OK, here's the scoop.

    Verizon bought Alltel a few years ago.  I am now a Verizon customer.  Each year I renew my account at Valentine's Day with another $100 for another year of service.  This year my account had a balance of $417 worth of unused minutes.  Guess what.  What?  I was late with my renewal which meant my account was closed and all unused minutes were lost.  Talk about a bad Valentine's Day.  I'm still not sure why that was the day my account started either.

    After being sick to my stomach all night for waiting until the last minute, and then being at work until Midnight, I felt like a perverted Cinderella.  I slopped my dripper (any Archie Campbell fans?).  Anyway, I got online, logged in to my account, and submitted an email with my delema. I renewed my account the next day knowing I would be starting over with $100 worth of minutes.  Then I waited, and waited.  After 2 weeks, I figured I had been blown off.

    I finally logged back into my account.  I was already feeling stupid, but I thought I'd try one more time to contact customer support.  I was ready to get the run around or just plain "you screwed up".  I got on their online chat.  I had to wait about 5 minutes to chat with Charlotte.  But it was worth the wait.  I explained things again and she gave me an 888 number for somebody to talk to to.  She made no promises, but thought something could be done.  Thanks, Charlotte, whoever you are.

    I called the 888 # and got even more help.  I talked to Matthew.  I explained things again.  Matthew put me on hold twice while he tried to help me with my problem.  Matthew deserves kudos from my experience.  He couldn't have been more patient or more nice.  He submitted a credit for me, and said a decision would be made within 72 hours.  I said I'd check my account in 72 hours and thanked him for his help.  He said 72 hours is the longest time, hopefully  I should know before then.

    The first day, nothing.  The second day, boom, I am credited $415, boom, da boom, boom, boom.  Thanks Verizon!  You didn't have to do it.  But, a big thanks, and especially Matthew for not trying to make me be on the defensive.  I can see being a Verizon customer for life.  My late New Year's Resolution is to put my Verizon account on autopay.  I don't like Autopay because it is sometimes hard to stop the withdrawals.  But Verizon saved my bacon.  Thanks Matthew.

    And thanks to the unnamed supervisor that gave me back my minutes.  I'm now sitting on $500 worth of minutes.  It feels good.



    The Josh Brown Chronicles...Part 2

    I am having a great night....being it's Friday and all.

    I have been watching "The Guild" on Netflix.  I highly reccomend it if you have Netflix.  Season 3 Episode 1 is awesome.   The first 25 minutes is slow, but sets up the last 35 minutes.  Check it out. 

    I like Josh Brown for the same reasons I like "The Guild".  It's true, awesome stuff.


    Part 3 coming soon.